Thermalright’s V1 Ultra graphics cooler will fit almost any modern GeForce or Radeon, and provides full wrap around cooling.  The cooler is much better than the stock cooling solution you probably use, in fact it’s almost as good as watercooling.  SystemCooling has the full review, so see if you want to push the limits of your videocard with some new cooling.
“Back in June, we introduced users to Thermalright’s maiden voyage in the world of video card cooling, the Thermalright V1. It performed admirably in our initial testing, but as time went on, deficiencies were uncovered that made the cooler unsuitable for certain applications. The folks at Thermalright went back to the drawing board, and the result of their efforts is the cooler we’re looking at today, dubbed the V1 Ultra. We’ll find out if the changes Thermalright made allow this cooler to do to the GPU cooling world what their CPU heatsinks have done in their category – dominate.”

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