Lost Circuits has posted a review of the latest motherboard out of Sapphire, the RD480-based Pure CrossFire

That does not mean that even a homogenous platform is trouble free, on the contrary, there were initial problems with nVidia’s SLI platform and there are certainly some issues with ATI’s Crossfire. We got our hands on a sample of Sapphire’s Pure Crossfire PC-A9RD480 board, based on ATI’s Radeon Xpress 200 Crossfire chipset, and the road to success was somewhat rocky. In the end, persistence prevailed and we had a system running in crossfire mode, even with some non-conformal graphics adapter combinations. For comparison purposes, we throw the PC-A9RD480 against its direct competitor in the shape of DFI’s LAN Party UT NF4 UltraD – modded for SLI support.