It wasn’t too long ago that the only mobile strage you could get was expensive, held very little, and was very fragile.  Now a lot of people can’t leave home without a few hundred megs worth of data in their pockets.  OCZ has produced the Rally drive for just that type of person, so head over to Overclocker’s Online, and see how fast you can fill up a 2 gig USB2 drive.
“I’ve now had these two units for about a month, the ability to drop half a DVD’s worth of content on to the drive in a few minutes is great. The Rally drive’s small form makes carrying the unit a breeze. While it’s certainly possible to find smaller thumb drives, going any smaller brings the risk of breaking the unit or simply losing it. I find the Rally drive to be the perfect size for me to clip onto my carabineer and keys without adding too much weight. The only thing I’ve noticed after a month of use is that the black paint on the Rally drive eventually does scratch off. While it doesn’t affect performance, those who care about aesthetics will want to be a bit more careful and avoid leaving the drive in a pocketful of keys and coins; eventually you’d be left with a logo-less aluminum casing.”

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