Cool and quiet wins out over high powered video cards once again. [H]ard|OCP examines the ASUS’ Extreme N6600GT Silencer, a dead silent, GeForce 6600 GT, cooled by a large heatsink, with no fan.  While it may not give you much overhead to overclock, it will certainly give good video performance, and as I may have mentioned, quiet down your system.
“Silence is golden. There are just certain situations where silence is a wonderful thing. In the world of computers it seems that noise has been on the rise over the years. As computers have evolved so has the need for cooling solutions to evolve. In the past, GPUs tended to not generate enough heat to require elaborate cooling techniques. Through the course of graphics evolution, heat and power have been on the rise thus producing more heat. Today we have video cards sporting double slot cooling solutions with heavy heat sinks and large fans just to keep them cool enough during operation. Frequencies are higher, transistor counts are greater, and more power is needed to run today’s cards. In the quest to reduce the noise pollution associated with video cards, ASUS has designed a new cooling solution known as SilentCool technology.”

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