It may look like a something you’d find in a game of Fallout, but the Coolermaster Musketeer 3 is a tube based sound conditioner.  If you are baffled as to what exactly that is, head to the Guru of 3D for a full explanation.

“Did somebody at CoolerMaster loose his mind ? I mean, there’s a reason that vacuum tubes were left in history back in the 50’s: they kinda suck. However, they might have lost their minds, but they ain’t crazy. Tubes have been making a bit of a renaissance comeback lately in audio. Amplifiers using tubes have always been apart of studios, and really, you can’t have a rock ‘n roll band without some screaming tube amps for the guitars. I would venture to say that every song you hear will have a tube somewhere in audio chain. You see, tubes are really inefficient for audio, requiring lots of voltage, and make a lot of heat. Heat, as we can all testify, is the enemy.”

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