[H]ard|OCP got a tour of Valve, and likely ran into Ryan while they were there.  If you haven’t seen the pictures and movies of their proposed implementations of motion blur, colour correction, film grain, depth of feild and more, check it out at [H], and here at PCPer, too.  The only problem is that you will need a video card capable of at least 600 frames per second … yes, six hundred!

“On December 8th, HardOCP had the pleasure of being invited to Valve Software in Bellevue, Washington. We weren’t told what exactly we would see, but we were told that it involved some new technology regarding the Source engine. To our surprise, hardware editors were invited to this event instead of gaming editors. It seemed that what Valve was going to show us had to deal with some new 3D effects in the Source engine that would soon be possible in real-time—given faster video cards.”

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