The XFX bundle that the Guru of 3D reviews is just great.  Not only do you get a reasonably videocard, it will perform better than most cards in it’s class.  Plus good games!  You won’t be stuck with aged titles to try out on your new card, and replaying FarCry with all the options turned up to 11 will be much fun.
“XFX did something really extraordinary with this “XXX Edition” product in two fold. First of all the higher core and memory clocks are just brilliant. It boosts the performance way beyond the 6800 GT for a better price. A default manufacturer overclock will always fall under the manufacturers warranty. This means at these lovely clock speeds you are two years safe of any defects. Secondly I just have to mention the inclusion of both Far Cry and Call of Duty 2, now that’s just great value isn’t it ? The 6800 GS from XFX simply is a fantastic choice, period. ”

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