XFX’s Revo64 is a unique RAID controller offering speed and security. Does the PCI interface matter? How can it compare to the Silicon Image SiL 3132 and NVIDIA controllers? The results are very interesting indeed! (This also a good review of integrated controllers).

When it comes to building one’s computer, the storage performance and security is typically an afterthought. Most of us are content in just connecting a few drives and head to the races, but it only takes a single drive failure to make you really think twice about how your valuable data is stored.

XFX Revo64 RAID 3 Controller Review - Storage 44

XFX, better known for their quality graphics cards and their enthusiast approach, are here to save your bits from disappearing into the ether with the Revo64. The Revo64 is a SATA RAID controller based on the new NetCell NC3000 storage processing unit, or “SPU” which features RAID 0 and 1, and more importantly, RAID 3.

Before you run away from the idea of running RAID on the PCI-bus, you should know that the Revo64 has excellent performance that’s worth investigating! So read on and find out why the next big thing in enthusiast computing may be your storage!

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