Testing – Access Time & Random Read

XFX Revo64 RAID 3 Controller Review - Storage 44

Looking at the access time results above, you can see that the Revo64 appears to be the slowest of all drive configurations even against single SATA-1 and SATA-2 drives. I suspect these results appear this way because of the latency caused by the PCI bus.

It’s interesting to see RAID 3 and RAID 0 on the Revo64 performing so closely. Given the dangers of a Striped array, adding a 3rd disk for the added data integrity of RAID 3 while maintaining quick performance is alluring.

XFX Revo64 RAID 3 Controller Review - Storage 45

In random read performance, it’s not surprising the Revo64 ends up looking pretty poor in this test. If you were expecting some form of decent performance in RAID 3 mode, you can forget about it. Small random reads/writes is not RAID 3’s strong trait since each block is read byte by byte across the array (high overhead).

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