Well, maybe not quite that powerful, but the Spyder Series Portable lasers that MVKTECH has linked to are something else.  While they are quite expensive, you can do useful things with them, like burn holes in black garbage bags or melt plastic … or use it as a pointer, I suppose.
“Wicked Lasers is proud to introduce the most unique and innovative portable lasers available in the market. Wicked Lasers has designed and manufactured a brand of lasers for the avid laser enthusiast as well as the serious laser professional. The Spyder Series from Wicked Lasers is the next generation of portable laser technology. Available in two colors, green laser up to 300mW, and blue laser up to 40mW, the Spyder Series is the one and only definitive laser, made by laser specialists for laser specialists. On top of that the Spyder Series lasers provide extreme levels of performance and stability””

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