nVidia tries another go at their Intel Edition nForce4 chipset, with the ASUS P5N32-SLI.  Tweaktown contrasts it’s performance with the workhorse chipset from Intel, the 955X.  See if nVidia can bump Intel’s own chipset into second place for performance.

“With all these features you would expect us to get a good amount of overclocking out of this board, you are not wrong here. We raised the CPU voltage to 1.5v, Memory to 2.2v, FSB term voltage to max, NB and SB voltages at 1.5v, PCI Express locked to 100, Hyper Transport links at 1000MHz and 16bit connection we managed to hit a FSB of over 361MHz – a record for any Intel Pentium 4 board we have tested so far. We also kept the memory locked at 800MHz DDR to eliminate any memory limitations which is easy through the asynchronous nature of the nVidia chipset.”

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