OCMODSHOP reviews a new Thermal Compound with a big name, TherMax Tech XFlux-GA Thermal Compound.  Head over to see if this newcomer can replace Arctic Silver and AS Ceramique as the paste of choice for overclockers.
“Thermal compound is used to fill these microscopic gaps with a material that conducts heat, but is pliable enough to fit in all the nooks-and-crannies, creating a complete physical surface that heat can pass through. Over the past few years there have been several different thermal paste technologies, each of them trying to efficiently transfer heat away from the processor. One of the best electrically conductive metals is silver followed slightly by copper.

Because silver is the highest electrical and thermal conductor, manufacturers have used it as the magic ingredient in high-performance thermal compounds. Silver, as we all know, is expensive, and so are compounds based on silver. More advanced forumulas exist, as the current King of Thermal Compounds (Arctic Silver Ceramique) contains no silver at all. There is still room for inovation and competition on the thermal battlefield, and one of the newest heirs to the Throne is TherMax Tech’s XFlux-GA Thermal Compound.”

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