Multitasking: Scenario 1

Scenario 1

I consider this to be the heavy multitasking scenario that uses nearly all of the applications listed above in some fashion.  I had Norton AV doing a virus scan on the hard drives, Trillian open and running in the background, Firefox open with three tabs on Flash-heavy sites, iTunes playing a playlist of MP3s, Acrobat open to a large, complicated PDF file with lots of layers, Excel open with a 3 MB data sheet and then timed Razor Lame encoding a dozen WAV files into MP3 format at 320 kbps.  Here is a complete step by step of my application start up process:

  1. Open Trillian
  2. Open Excel Sheet
  3. Open PDF file to page 15 (complicated data)
  4. Open Firefox, with three tabs, each of heavy Flash content (stored locally)
  5. Open iTunes and play 12 song playlist
  6. Start NAV virus scan on HDDs
  7. Open Razor Lame and add files to be encoded
  8. Encode MP3s and time

The window order, from bottom most viewable to top most was: Acrobat -> iTunes -> Norton AV -> Razor Lame.  Keeping Acrobat at least partly visible forced the system to continue processing the data in the file. 

AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 Dual Core Processor Review - Processors 37

The base results from our MP3 encoding show the FX-60 already with the lead in the single application mode. 

AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 Dual Core Processor Review - Processors 38

Once we turn on the background applications, the FX-60 processor shows a very noticeable performance gain on the X2 4800+ processor.  Though the 30% gain over the previous best AMD processor is great, the Intel Pentium XE 955 processor and XE 840 are both more than a match for the FX-60.

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