[H]ard|OCP has their hands on a matched set of x1800’s, master and slave, and they see just how this new generation of videocard reposonds in a CrossFire setup.  If you have been holding off on the upgrade because of the poor availabilty of the Mastercards, this review will give you a good idea just what you are waiting for.
“The very nature of ATI’s CrossFire platform is that you have a MasterCard that can be installed with a slave card. This means that you cannot just pick up any old regular X1800 XT and pair two of them up. You must buy a regular X1800 XT, and then you must buy a ‘special’ X1800 XT MasterCard. The X1800 XT MasterCard has the same amount of RAM as the X1800 XT slave card (512MB), is clocked the same, and even looks the same. The differences lie inside where an onboard compositing chip makes CrossFire possible. The only external difference is a special DVI connector that you use with the dongle. With the new X1800 XT CrossFire video card, ATI has gone dual link DVI. This means that very high resolutions and refresh rates are now possible. No more will you be stuck at 1600×1200 @ 75Hz. The maximum supported resolution in CrossFire mode is now 2560×1600.”

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