The gang over at The Tech Report have complied a list of the best and worst of 2005, with the worst being the most entertaining options of course. 

Biggest sign of the coming apocalypse: Apple goes for Intel inside
On June 6 of 2005, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that the company would pull a switch of its own and start using Intel processors. If you listened closely, you could hear a low, quiet whimper as droves of Mac fanboys died a little inside.

For years, Apple had claimed that its system’s processors were far superior to Intel’s chips. However, the G5 hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations. The 3GHz clock speeds Jobs promised years ago still haven’t materialized, and even 2.5GHz and 2.7GHz flavors require exotic water cooling. To Apple’s credit, the company managed to squeeze the G5 into an iMac, but laptops and Mac Minis have been stuck with the dated G4. No wonder Intel’s roadmap looked so good.