Other CES Coverage and Conclusions

Now, being that CES is about more than just PC components, I did a fair amount of wandering to see what else I could find.  Below are the videos of the items I felt more intrigued about.


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CES 2006 - Processors, GPUs and More - Video Coverage - Shows and Expos 70

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Makers of some of the best GPS devices available, Garmin had their latest units on display include the new Nuvi unit that integrates an MP3 player, picture viewer and more.

Scene-by-scene: GPS units in increasing size from pocket to permanent mounted units, the Nuvi unit is shown at the end.


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CES 2006 - Processors, GPUs and More - Video Coverage - Shows and Expos 71

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Ever wanted to actually be in a video game environment?  This is probably as close as we can get now as a company has attached a basic treadmill to a PC and called it the GameRunner.  Your steps are translated into game movement and the faster you walk, the faster your character moves.

Scene-by-scene: A GameRunner employee demonstrates the unit with a game of Far Cry.


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CES 2006 - Processors, GPUs and More - Video Coverage - Shows and Expos 72

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Walking around the Microsoft booth before the show floor opened meant no one was there to explain anything, but it was quieter at least.  We see all the various Windows sections as well as gaming on the PC and Xbox 360 and some new software applications MS is trying to use to counter Google.

Scene-by-scene: that annoying lady you in hear in the background is testing a mic or something, Xbox 360 controller on the PC, Dell Renegade PC being hidden quickly, Xbox 360 section with some new games yet unreleased being played, HD-DVD being shown on the PC, new Windows Live Mail, Messenger and Expo booth.

Various Home Theater / Audio

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CES 2006 - Processors, GPUs and More - Video Coverage - Shows and Expos 73

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I wander around the home audio section of the show with my camera and just look at cool stuff.  The best is at the end where you can see a device that transmits audio over the glass of a window, and would enable the ability to have audio in rooms with mirrors (like bathrooms). 

Scene-by-scene: the crowded show room floor, Denon home theater receivers, some new ones with HDMI and satellite radio support, Denon DVD players, Marantz receivers and DVD players, THX certified components ranging from Logitech speakers to huge receivers and amps, Klipsch booth with room-based audio units, PC based speakers and then home based speakers, Earthquake branded speakers that were VERY impressive in bass responsiveness (though not carried over the camera’s audio very well), Direct TVs huge and elaborate booth, some Burnout: Revenge on the Xbox 360, a very impressive audio solution using only a pane of glass (the future of audio in your home for lo-def stuff like in your bathroom)!


As far as PC technology went, the CES 2006 show had a few diamonds in the rough but consisted mostly of things we had seen before.  Those that were not, the quad SLI from NVIDIA and Dell and Centrino Duo, were pretty impressive.  Of course, only one of them is really a viable solution for anyone’s computing issues; I’ll leave it to you to guess which one!

My thanks go out again to the fine folks at FileShack for hosting our videos!  I would like any and all feedback from the readers on the videos and whether you’d like to see them again.  Thanks for reading!

Video Link Summary

AMD booth
Asus booth
ATI booth
Cooler Master booth
Corsair booth
Dell booth
Creative/Fatal1ty booth
Game Runner booth
Garmin booth
Home Theater hall
Intel booth
Microsoft booth
MSI booth
NVIDIA booth
NVIDIA booth — Quad SLI
Western Digital Raptor X in action

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