Beyond3D had a chance to chat with Gavin Carter about the upcoming release of the next chapter of Morrowind, Oblivion.  If you are waiting impatiently for the release, you can at least glean a few more tidbits out of this interview.
“Bethesda’s Morrowind was one of the “big three” computer roleplaying games released in 2002, along with Dungeon Siege and Neverwinter Nights. Sporting an advanced engine many high end systems buckled under the pressure and gamers delighted at what they saw. The game went on to win multiple awards and warranted two expansions and re-releases. Bethesda is close to finishing the latest in the Elder Scrolls series: Oblivion and its renderer looks to be no push over either even for today’s monster cards if you choose to pump up the detail settings. Being released for the PC and the Xbox 360 we asked the developers what was under the hood graphically as well as some of the inroad they have been doing with regards to artificial intelligence and physics. Gavin Carter was kind enough to answer our questions for the Beyond3D readership.”

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