Well it’s 2006….and that means it’s time for the 2005 awards all across the web!  We here at PC Perspective are going to make sure that the awards we hand out are based on the opinion of YOU, the reader.  It’s your money that is spent on all of these vendors goods and we think it should be YOUR voice that gets to vote.  Our categories include:

  • GPU
  • GPU Designer
  • CPU
  • CPU Manufacturer
  • Video Card Manufacturer
  • Motherboard Manufacturer
  • Chipset
  • Chipset Designer
  • Hard Drive Manufacturer
  • Memory Manufacturer
  • Power Supply Manufacturer
  • Case Manufacturer

These polls are located in our forums, but everyone, including unregistered users, are able to vote!  We want everyone to participate and to encourage others to participate as well.

Good luck to the entrants!