ASUSTeK’s A6JA ‘Napa’ Notebook undergoes a close examination at HEXUS, give them a couple of minutes of your time and maybe have a new notebook to dream about.
“When judged in relation to benchmarks that are single-threaded, the supplied A6JA’s Intel Centrino Duo T2500, humming along at 2GHz, and thanks to a dual-core architecture that’s been enhanced in the transition over from single-core Dothan’s, together with the use of a faster FSB, performs in the general vicinity of, say, a Pentium M 780 (2.26GHz). Swap on over to multi-threaded apps. and the ‘T2500 has no mobile peer. All-in-all, we would probably recommend the ASUS A6JA if it shipped with a single-core Dothan CPU; it’s got all the right ingredients and a reasonable asking price. Throw in the obvious goodness of dual-core Yonah CPUs, upgraded WiFi, decent battery life, and cooling so quiet and efficient that you can hear your own breathing, and you have a tasty proposition on your hands that is available right now.”

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