MAKE:Blog has found a guy who runs Bad Brothers Racing, and has an interesting project on the go, combining a Yamaha YR-50 motorcycle, and a turbine engine.  Cheer them on, it may be the quickest way to get your own jetbike!
“For many years now, I have tinkered with all kinds of interesting projects, and have found a lot of fun in the realm of DIY gas turbine engines. These engines are based around turbochargers, but are in every sense real jets. They produce considerable thrust, and can even be used with afterburners. While I have been tinkering with one of these with a friend of mine, we debated on what kind of vehicle to put it on for testing. He suggested a small boat or a go cart. My theory was that if you really wanted to test out the speed of one of these, you would need a good long stretch of road. That being the case I thought it best to put the engine into a street legal frame. This is where the YSR came into my head. Firstly, a motorcycle would be perfect, as it is street legal, easily registered, and also has very little friction from the tires and wind drag.”

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