The GeIL DAViD 100 Series Dual Channel USB Pen Drive that Techniz has up for review provides a very quick way to get your data onto something portable.  It takes full advantage of USB2, but is compatible with USB 1 & 1.1, if you are still stuck on that version.  Just don’t complain about the “This device could perform faster” popup message that Microsoft tends to give you in that situation.
“The GeIL DAViD 100 Series Dual Channel USB Pen Drive is a newer technology of flash drive with the rated speed of 198X (30Mb/sec Read & 20Mb/sec Write speed). The size that available for the DAViD Pen Drive is 512MB, 1GB and 2GB. As for the color selection, it also available in two color for the user to choose, which is the gold and titanium color. With the dual channel transfer rate technology, the pen drive was perform extremely fast during our testing….”

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