If you thought you had suffered enough with the Commodore64, think again.  Commodore is coming back, and Think Computer had a sit down with them to find out what their plans are in the latest attempt to take over the computing world.
‘Some of you may not know the name Commodore, but for me it brings back many memories. I really got my start in all this computer stuff with the Commodore Vic-20; I can say that it changed the way I looked at computers and how I felt about them. Sure I used and owned other computers, but when I got the Vic-20, that’s when my love for computers became an obsession. Today we had the chance to take a look at the ‘new’ Commodore company. Bob and Alex, being much younger than I, really couldn’t appreciate or understand my excitement and enthusiasm at going to the meeting with the Commodore reps for our private little showing of their newest products. I’m sure some of you out there that are reading this can possibly understand how I felt about this meeting.’

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