The 3rd generation of Raptors has appeared, and HotHardware has managed to trap one, and test it.  These new drives are bigger, and also faster than the older 74Gig Raptor that held the SATA speed record, until now.
There’s no denying WD’s WD740 Raptor series of performance desktop and enterprise drives have earned a solid reputation in the enthusiast community as some of the fastest SATA drives on the market. Tonight we take a look at WD’s third generation Raptor, the Raptor WD1500 series and it’s tricked out cousin the window-modded Raptor X.

With capacity at 150GB, 10K RPM spindle speed and a 16MB buffer, the new Raptor is incorporates a wealth of new enhancements that we’ve all been waiting for and it shows in the numbers.”

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