Here is a tiny power supply that is 100% silent and delivers 120 watts of power at only 12V.  Dang!

Tiny picoPSU Power Supply Enables Design of Small, Quiet PCs and Smart Appliances; Gives Robots More Freedom to Roam

World’s tiniest PC power supply offers new design possibilities for PCs, case mods and X86 devices

FREMONT, CA—January 26, 2006 —, a division of Ituner Networks today announced the picoPSU, the world’s tiniest PC power supply. Measuring only 31x45x20mm, about the size of two AA batteries, the picoPSU is 10 to 20 times smaller than standard PC power supplies. The tiny picoPSU delivers the same power as standard power supplies, enabling design of smaller PCs and smart appliances and giving devices such as robots less weight and mass to bear for longer periods of autonomous operation. The picoPSU is compatible with all Mini-ITX mainboards and standard motherboards.

Using patent pending HyperWatt ™ technologies, the picoPSU-120 provides a cool, silent, 120 watts of power for small PC designs using a single 12V power source– an impressive amount of power relative to its tiny footprint. The picoPSU is fully ATX compliant, plugs directly into the ATX connector, eliminating a tangle of 20 unnecessary ATX wires, making it an excellent candidate for any silent, small design 12V DC-DC computer project. The picoPSU is also 1U Server Rack compliant, ideal for reducing noise and head in dense computing environments.

Inspired by VIA
VIA Technologies Inc. is the leader in small form factor computing platforms with cool-running X86 CPUs and fully integrated chipsets. Ituner completes the picture with its cool, tiny picoPSU power supply, a crucial key component that delivers the same power as standard, bulky power supplies at a fraction of the size.

‘VIA took the world by storm with low power, quiet, small computers and now is providing the missing link in small form factor computing: Power. The picoPSU is a dream come true for PC modders, embedded applications, robotics and industrial applications,’ said Andrei Bulucea, president of ‘By reducing the overall size of the PSU by at least an order of magnitude, PC enclosures can now be manufactured smaller and require less internal cooling.’

Cool power.
Operating at only 12V, the picoPSU DC-DC ATX power supply delivers 120 watts of power. picoPSU provides ample power (via ATX connector and HDD cable harness) for the CPU and an entire range of peripherals.

100% Silent
The picoPSU-120 mini PSU is a 100% silent DC-DC solution. No fans, no noise, just power for small and silent PCs. picoPSU-120 is a fully compliant DC-DC ATX PSU. It can power VIA mini-ITX boards with C3 or C7 processors and lower power processors such as VIA’s embedded CPUs.

Reduce space

The picoPSU 12V DC-DC ATX converter was designed from ground up to fit Mini-ITX and small form factor computers, allowing enclosure designers to save space while not compromising power requirements.


Tiny picoPSU Power Supply Enables Design of Small, Quiet PCs - Cases and Cooling 2