AMD’s FX-60 is making headlines today, as the last socket 939 to be released before AMD switches to Socket-AM2.  Start off at AnandTech, and their comprehensive review, and keep on going … you should know a lot about this chip by the time you are done reading all the reviews.

Don’t forget to read Ryan’s write up, either!

“Although we’ve generally shied away from recommending AMD’s FX line of processors, we can’t help but be a little excited about the FX-60. When AMD introduced their X2 line of dual-core processors, the FX series remained single core but maintained a fairly high clock speed. AMD even went as far as to release the FX-57, clocked a full 400MHz higher than the fastest X2. With the FX-60 that trend is over; from this day forward, all members of the FX series of processors are now dual core. They are still sold under the Athlon 64 FX brand, despite being dual core chips.”

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