Today nVIDIA released the 7800 GS AGP card into the wide world.  This is very likely to be the last AGP board released, so you may want to plan your next upgrade around switching to PCIe, though this card will let you put that off for a while, it is quite powerful.  It’s expected to retail at just over $300.  Head to Bjorn3D for a peek at some benchmarks, and a look at what makes the card powerful enough to play the newest games.

Don’t forget Ryan’s review, either!

“Today, NVIDIA is releasing the GeForce 7800 GS AGP GPU. The reason for this launch is that end-users are not moving to the new PCI Express platform as fast as the company thought they would. So, with that happening, NVIDIA is bringing those users who do not have the funds or are not ready yet to take the plunge to get a new motherboard, CPU and GPU a GPU that will prolong the life of their systems.”

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