With the newer, more powerful X1000 series, and newer drivers, ATI has been able to increase the scope of Avivo.  With better transcoding abilites, native High Definition output, better support for dual-DVI, this updated guide from Beyond3D is worth reading.  You may even find things you weren’t aware you could already do.
In the initial part of the Avivo article we took a look at an overview of many of the technologies that ATI’s video and display engine technology encompasses. While that brought us some familiarity with what was available with Avivo, much the the capabilities had not yet been seen on the new X100 series of boards after their initial release.

Although ATI, over recent years, have adopted a monthly official driver release schedule, at the end of 2005 ATI released an extra set of drivers, Catalyst 5.13, specifically with updates for Avivo on the X1000 series of graphics boards. These drivers were specifically design to enable some more of the Avivo functionality, demonstrating ATI’s video transcoding capabilities, enabling hardware assisted H.264 decoding and, possibly the most important element, the promise of higher quality video playback.”

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