Extremetech compares the quality of DVD playback from ATI and nVidia using the filters in PowerDVD as the base for their experiment.  If you are setting up a media PC or just starting to watch more DVD’s via your PC you might be interested in the results.  Mind you, since they give away standalone DVD players with TicTac’s and just about anything else you buy now, maybe you still watch them without the PC at all.
“Graphics cards are all about 3D, right? Read most graphics card reviews, anywhere on the ‘net or in print, and you’ll see they focus almost entirely on 3D performance and features. We understand this because that’s why we would buy these expensive devices in the first place. Windows 2D performance is essentially a solved problem (at least until Windows Vista), so what else is there for the graphics card to do?

One word: video. Video on the PC is tremendously popular. Peer-to-peer networks share large video files while web-based video (including the ever-popular movie trailers) expand rapidly thanks in large part to broadband connections. Now with the PC’s emerging role as a media device for the living room, video becomes even more important.”

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