Introduction and Features

The Nautilus500 is designed to provide high performance cooling with easy installation and combines features from both the original HydroCool200 and the more recent Corsair COOL water cooling kits.

PC Perspective is pleased to bring you our exclusive review of the new Corsair Nautilus500 External Water Cooling Unit.  This marks Corsair Memory’s third entry into the increasingly popular liquid cooling arena and the Nautilus500 incorporates features from both of their earlier two systems.   You can read our reviews of the first two systems here.

The Nautilus500 is an external water cooling system designed for easy installation, quiet operation, with the ability to dissipate up to 500 watts of heat and work with most PCs.  It offers up to twice the cooling power of traditional air cooling units, which Corsair claims will boost the potential performance and lifespan of your PC.  And the Nautilus500 works with all Corsair COOL accessories, so the system can be easily expanded.

Corsair Nautilus500 External Water Cooling Unit Review - Cases and Cooling 28

The Corsair Nautilus500 external water cooling unit comes with everything needed to quickly add water cooling to your PC (waterblock, coolant and external cooling unit).

Nautilus500 Key Features

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Whisper quiet operation (2-speed fan switch)
  • Compatible with both AMD and Intel-based computers
  • High performance cooling solution (dissipates up to 500 watts)
  • Compact and portable system (Quick-Disconnect fittings)
  • Tubing comes pre-installed on the water block (no leaks)

The Nautilus500 is functionally similar to the original HydroCool200 external liquid cooling system except the Nautilus is housed in a more economical to manufacture plastic enclosure and uses the same Delphi DC pump (DDC) found in the Corsair COOL kit. 

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