Overclocking & Conclusions

Now let’s examine the real reason why you would buy high-end RAM from Corsair – overclocking capabilities. The Asus P5WD2 Premium motherboard we are using has the reputation of being a strong overclocker so let’s see what the XMS2 5400UL and 8000UL can do.

To be ensure the results were accurate, the overclock test (SuperPi, Sandra, and Serious Sam 2) was done multiple times starting from 200MHz and the worst overclock taken as the Highest Attainable Overclock. Extra cooling was applied to the memory modules.

Corsair tested their 5400UL modules at 675MHz with  3-3-2-8 timings. So let’s see what we can do.

XMS2 5400UL Overclocking

Timings (at 667 MHz / 3:4 bus-RAM ratio) Highest Attainable Overclock
4-4-4-12 1160 MHz
3-3-2-8 1104 MHz

The 8000UL is identical to the 5400UL modules except for the fact they have passed testing at 5-4-4-9 at 1000MHz.

XMS2 8000UL Overclocking

Timings (at 800 MHz / 1:2 bus-RAM ratio) Highest Attainable Overclock
4-4-4-12 1156 MHz
3-3-2-8 952 MHz

These are some really astonishing numbers!

Corsair XMS2 5400UL and XMS2 8000UL 1GB DDR2 Review - Memory 20
Photograph of the 8000UL overclocked to 1156 MHz.

Given the fact that most customers and reviewers of the 5400UL and 8000UL modules have not achieved such overclocks makes me examine some factors that may explain my success.

  1. The watercooled CPU allows me to reach higher bus speeds before instability sets in
  2. Actively cooled memory (92mm fan @ 3000+ RPM)
  3. The Seasonic S12 600W power supply is very reliable and great PSUs for overclocking
  4. The Asus P5WD2 may play a factor in offering further stability

At any rate, the strong results I’ve reported here for the 8000UL and 5400UL modules should translate into overclocking success for you! If you manage to get results similar to the ones I’ve shown here, please let me know.


What we see above will obviously be the big draw to the Corsair XMS2 5400UL and 8000UL dual-channel kits. The overclocking results are a bit surprising and is likely attributed to the combination of hardware and cooling I used in this review. These Corsair modules have a lot of potential and should do well in an overclocker’s setup.

However, as we have seen in the testing, decreasing timings and increasing frequency alone will not improve performance drastically. So if you’re looking into boosting performance, make sure you upgrade the right part.

For the latest DDR2 offerings from Corsair, check out this link. The 5400UL and 8000UL parts are hard to find these days, but the XMS2 6400 kits look to be a big hit.

Be sure to use our price checking engine to find the best prices on Corsair DDR2 Memory, and anything else you may want to buy!

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