While AMD enthusuasts await the day they can use DDR2, memory makers are continuing to improve the speed, since Intel chipsets do support it.  Neoseeker reviews Crucial’s Ballistix PC2-6400 (800Mhz), a perfect example of how tight timings (4-4-4-10) can push performance to almost equal the performance of PC2-8000 (1000Mhz).
“The Crucial PC2-6400 got the second highest score here — it was only 4.2% slower than the Corsair PC2-8000, even though the PC2-8000 was running at a 25% faster memory clock rate. Please note how much faster the PC2-6400 is with the tweaked settings than running at SPD speeds – 167.4 FPS vs. 118.8 FPS, or a 41% increase in frame rates due to the better timings!”

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