The Moditory has published a review of Darwinia, a very unconventional game.  While the RTS and tech tree basis of the game will be familiar, and the graphics will take you back about 10 years, the game play is king in this game.  There is much to explore in how they have set this game up, and you can get it very easily if you use Steam.
“Gameplay is sometimes overlooked in the gaming industry. Today a lot of stress is put on graphics and now sound. You can have the newest,on-the-fly ray-tracing graphics engine, audio that challenges reality but, without gameplay you lack the common ground that brings the other two together. A lot of games are testament to this. Ultima Online for example: primarily 2D graphics, audio thats nothing to phone home about, but the gameplay keeps its thousands of players hooked. Pong, Mario, Tetris: awesome graphics or THX sound? We think not. Gameplay: excellent. Darwinia takes us back to the days where gameplay is king. While the visuals may not be what your SLI rig is used to, they remain stylish. The audio won’t give your X-Fi a run for its money but it is still decent. We found the gameplay though to be highly addicting and after playing the game, we were pretty impressed. First impressions and pretensions run for cover,Darwinia is here.”

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