Impressions & Conclusions

The EPoX EP-5NVA+ SLI is a nicely featured Intel nForce 4 package with great overclocking capabilities. The little finishes and touches to design really gives you an impression of a quality product.

EPoX EP-5NVA+ SLI nForce4 Intel Motherboard Review - Motherboards 25

Connectivity is very good that includes Firewire, and a SATA-PATA adapter for a 5th SATA channel which are features not found on most motherboards. The design of the board is thoughtful with built-on power and reset switches, a temperature probe, and a debug LED. You can also control your CPU fan and monitor your system health using the BIOS and the ThunderProbe software.

Rounded cables, the SATA-PATA adapter, temperature probe, and MOSFET heatsinks are nice extras, though may not be useful to all of you.

Overclocking is the big attraction of the EP-5NVA+ SLI. It hit 1000MHz + overclocks easily with 4x LDT which should excite many of you. The BIOS options have all the adjustments you will need to overclock successfully.

EPoX EP-5NVA+ SLI nForce4 Intel Motherboard Review - Motherboards 26

Pricing and Availability

There is an MSRP of $190 USD, but the actual retail price is likely to be lower. The reason why I can’t say for certain how much you can expect to pay is that the availability of the EP-5NVA+ SLI is spotty and there aren’t any retailers on PriceGrabber selling this motherboard. To me this is the biggest problem with the EP-5NVA+ SLI at the moment.

However, EPoX has assured me that mass quantities of the EP-5NVA+ SLI will be available at popular e-tailers very soon like NewEgg, TigerDirect, and ZipZoomFly. Until then, hold onto your horses!


As far as Intel SLI motherboards go, EPoX has a well tuned product here. It overclocks very well and has all the little features to keep picky users happy. I just wish availability were better so that you can get your hands on it.

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