The Gigabyte G-Power Lite CPU Cooler uses everything you would expect from a modern heatsink, though they implement it in different ways.  By using a large fan (110mm), the noise can be kept to reasonable levels, and Gigabyte has made the heatsink smaller and lighter than most of the coolers on the market now, so it should fit nicely into most sytems.  Read more about it at XYZ Computing.
“Although Gigabyte has made a name for itself by producing motherboards and video cards, lately they have focused increasingly on other types of hardware. Among these have been their CPU coolers, which are not that common but have been getting some positive press and look quite promising. This review is going to be taking a look at Gigabyte’s G-Power Lite CPU cooler. This unit is Gigabyte’s take on a fairly conventional heatpipe CPU cooler. At first glance it appears to be just what most enthusiasts are looking for- quiet, more powerful than the stock cooler, and easy to install. It uses a fairly large fan and three heatpipes to get the job done. This formula has been a success in the past, so expectations are high.””

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