GruntvillE has posted a review of 2 of Noctua’s new heatsinks, the NH-U9 and NH-U12.  Both are very large, so not all cases will accomodate them, but if you can squeeze them in, the cooling power is impressive.  Neither model comes with fans, as they aren’t needed in a normal setup, due to the size of the heatsink, and the number of heatpipes.  However, both models can fit 2 fans for overclocking, the U9 using 92mm and the U12 allowing the use of 120mm fans.
“Noctua, a recent upstart in Austria, has entered the market with two, high performance cooling solutions; the NH-U9 and NH-U12. Both heatsinks utilize 4 dual heat-pipes joined to a copper base and attached to aluminum fins to disperse heat. The only difference between the two units is size; with the NH-U9 accepting 80 and 92mm fans while the larger NH-U12 is designed for use with 120mm fans. While heatpipe technology is nothing new to the cooling industry, the NH-U12 does look to have some of the longest running copper heatpipes I’ve seen to date. Due to their massive size, both heatsinks can operate without the aide of an attached fan but are capable of utilizing up to two fans for maximum cooling.”

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