CNET has gathered an FAQ on the Blackberry patent dispute for those trying to figure out if they will wake up one day to find the service dead.  If you have one, then you know the confusion this suit has caused.  If you don’t have one, but know people who do … well, if RIM loses, you may need to help them through a very tough time in their lives.
“RIM can implement its workaround, iron out bugs and continue to provide its BlackBerry service, but NTP still might be able to come back and sue RIM again, Meurer said. This is known as the “doctrine of equivalents,” which means even if the device or software doesn’t specifically infringe on the claims of a patents, it can still be argued that the device infringes on the patent in general “if it performs substantially the same function in substantially the same way to obtain the same result,” according to a famous patent case known as Graver Tank vs. Linde, which is cited on patent attorney Robert Yarborough’s Web site.”

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