Internal Examination – Differences Aplenty

As we continue our dissection of the PC-V1000 and the PC-V600 we come to the area of major differences. First we’ll look at the interior of the PC-V1000 shown below; as you can see it is divided into basically three compartments. Please note, the clean look of the wire management as the front access ports wiring comes up the back side near the motherboard tray.

Lian-Li PC-V600 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 13

We have the upper compartment that includes the stationary motherboard tray, rear mounted 120 mm exhaust fan and up front, five 5.25′ drive bays. The bottom section is divided into two compartments; the first extends from the front of the case and houses the front intake fan and the six hard drive retention modules, with our last compartment housing our power supply horizontally mounted.

Lian-Li PC-V600 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 14

About the only thing in the interior that stays the same for both cases is the front fan mechanism. Un-tighten the thumbscrews on each side (without removing them) and pull out and the fan assembly can be easily removed so you can clean the filter. You just reverse the procedure to re-install the fan Please note that the fan is a 120 x 120 x 25 mm unit. I would have liked extra space here to allow for the installation of a 120 x 120 x 38 mm fan, the reason being (as you can see), the stock intake fan has enough to do to cool up to three hard dives in the PC-V600. 

In the photo below of the interior of the PC-V600 all the differences become obvious. With the removal of the compartmental arrangement one set of hard drive brackets has been removed as has the partitioning wall that separated the power supply compartment.

Lian-Li PC-V600 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 15

This was actually a good idea, as many of us with large and/or modular power supplies had to remove the power supply partition and part of the second hard drive bracket to fit our power supplies into the PC-V1000, no such problem with the PC-V600. You can also clearly see the top access ports wiring and it is no where near as neat as the PC-V1000’s.

Please note the floor of the case, the larger case had three perforated patches while the PC-V600 has but two, Lian Li must have figured they wouldn’t be needed with the reduced hard drive capacity. You can also see that with the removal of the additional set of hard drive brackets, they were able to shorten the depth of the case by 1.75′ while still allowing for the mounting of a full size ATX motherboard.

Finally, our last photo shows the removed fan bracket assembly and it must be removed to install your motherboard and for that matter, any and all expansion cards.

Lian-Li PC-V600 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 16

The fan is held in place by four thumbscrews, with the neat feature that you can slide the fan to the right or left, whichever works best for you, and then tighten down the thumbscrews. You’ll notice that the fan is facing in the exhaust position, which will really help is removing the rising heat generated by the CPU in particular.

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