The Lian Li PC-V600 is a compact, well designed, aluminum tower case. It would be tough to call it a mid-tower and it’s bigger than a mini tower, so I guess we’ll leave it to Lian Li to decide where it belongs.

This case is not for the overclocker nor is it for systems that emit allot of heat, like the Intel Prescott, the new Pentium D’s or the AMD X2 CPU’s, at least not in this writers opinion.

It is also my suggestion that power supplies used with this case should be the type that have 120 mm fans on the bottom, or as this case would have it mount vertically, so the bottom fan would be located opposite the CPU helping to remove excess heat.

All in all, I enjoyed working with this case, the fans are fairly quiet, the fit and finish is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Lian Li, superb, and I’m sure the PC-V600 will do extremely well when used with a system that isn’t maxed out to the limit. 

In closing I would again like to thank, Hampton Technologies for the opportunity to dissect the Lian Li PC-V600. Look for the PC-V600 soon at , street price is expected to be in the $140.00 range.

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