While OCZ’s EL DDR PC3200 Gold GX GTC does indeed have very low timings for a 2 GB kit, they are still looser than a smaller DIMM’s would be.  Check out the full review at hardCOREware to see if raw speed can push the overall performance up enough to equal some of OCZ’s 1GB kits.
“The name is certainly a mouthful – today we’re looking at OCZ’s latest PC3200 product. The GX (which stands for Gamer eXtreme) features lowest latency timings we’ve seen on a 2GB kit – 2-3-3-8. It also sports a nice new XTC heatspreader which we’ll put to the test.

The scope of this review is to find out how much benefit can be had by going with 2GB of memory on a PC, and whether it’s worth the increase in latency timings to do so.”

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