The SonoWave Digital Media player is a WiFi device that will play back music from just about any source you can stream to it.  It’s only major drawback is the amount of batteries it eats, just like old ghetto blasters, this guy wants 8 C batteries.  Heaf to 3dGameMan for the full review.
‘This is not your standard boombox. Being able to play Internet Radio, MP3 and other audio formats wirelessly sets it apart from many other devices. The overall appearance is very stylish and will look great in the kitchen, garage, or bedroom. With a range of 300 feet, taking this product out of the house is also possible. The boombox is small and that’s great for moving it around. Being small means that it doesn’t have the most powerful speakers and it’s certainly not going to rock the house down, but that’s not what it’s intended to be for, anyway. It’s purpose is to bring your favorite audio wirelessly to just about anywhere in and around your home.’

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