With ATI generating most of the buzz in recent weeks, NVIDIA has stepped up to deliver some excitement of their own. The biggest news being the demise of the 7800-series cards, and the introduction of 7900-series GTX and GT parts. There’s also G80 rumours from X-Bit Labs reporting that the next G80 chip will use 48 pixel shader processors, DirectX 10, and an unknown number of vertex shaders.

It would appear that we can expect a lot more news regarding the 7900 GTX and future plans as CeBit gets under way in Hannover in March.

In the past, NVIDIA has had problems with availbility (as with ATI) of new products, so it will be interesting if NVIDIA can flood the market with sufficient quantities this time around.

“NVIDIA told its partners that it is willing to loan them 7900 GTX SLI systems for the CeBIT show. G71 cards are getting real but we are very anxious to see them in action.”