TweakTown reviews a sweet little s754 board from EPoX, the 8NPA-SLI.  Now you can get an SLI setup, without having to upgrade your CPU, memory and everything else at the same time.  You get to save some money on the CPU as well.

Also from EPox, the EP-5NVA is an LGA775 board, and our own Jon Hung has posted a fresh review of it.

“Socket 754 has now made a comeback for AMD in the form of the budget line of Sempron processors. Sempron on the K8 architecture features the on-chip single channel memory controller supporting DDR-400 and beyond in the latest revision cores, SSE2 and now x86-64 and SSE3 in the latest Sempron CPU’s nicknamed the Sempron64. Until now, motherboards for the Socket 754 have been very budget orientated with little features or ability to boost the overall system performance – that is until EPoX got its claws into the high-speed budget market.”

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