Energy prices are creeping up across the board, except when they are sky-rocketing.  While your PC might not account for a huge percentage of your utility bill, that could change.  (Unless you are in a DC project like SETI, and heat your bedroom via the heatsinks of at least dozen older computers.)  As PC’s demand more and more power, Intel has decided to take some of the focus away from the CPU, to see if efficiency can be increased in other components, and CNET was there to report on it.
“Intel is working on two new manufacturing and design techniques to improve its transistors’ power efficiency and reduce power consumption of a system’s motherboard, the company’s CTO said Monday.

One technique involves dedicating a voltage supply for both the CPU (central processing unit) and the cache memory. The other integrates voltage regulators onto transistors to improve efficiency, Justin Rattner, chief technology officer and a senior fellow with the company, said in a keynote address at the DesignCon 2006 conference.”

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