People keep yelling at me to update this, so here you go.

Okay, well maybe not really, but you really have to get some background on it before you’ll agree.  If you haven’t jumped on the Chuck Norris bandwagon as of late, then you really should check out this link and this link.  After laughing a bit at those quotes and trying not to tear up, have a look at these:

The Best Shirt....EVAR! - Editorial 3

The Best Shirt....EVAR! - Editorial 4

See?  Like I said, best shirt EVAR!

On to other things of interest that pertain more to the focus of this website.  The rest of the team and I were very busy during the month of January, as is evident by the number of articles posted this month that cover a wide array of topics and products.  Quad SLI, the new FX-60 processor, CES, NVIDIA’s 6800 GS, 3DMark06, ATI’s X1900 series, our Reader’s Choice Awards and another addition to the sound card market.  Phew. 

February won’t be letting up as Jon has an Epox-based NF4 SLI Intel motherboard ready and I am prepping the review of the new AGP video card from a certain green company for tomorrow morning.  And I have a bleep-ton of stuff in the office here waiting for some attention as well — I am hoping to get a couple of storage reviews up this month including the Gigabyte iRAM that introduces the mainstream PC user with solid state storage and the new Western Digital 150 GB Raptor X drives.  X1900 AIWs are here, a couple CrossFire motherboards and SLI X16 motherboards too; lots to do you can see. 

Jeremy is back from his holiday and is again furiously posting news on the PC Perspective home page for you look through and get your daily over-dosage of hardware news and reviews.  The gang in the PC Perspective Forums are keeping things kicking in our always-busy discussion area.  Did you know that PC Perspective is now the home to a Newegg representative to help with any buyer concerns right here in the forum?  Newegg has been a dedicated sponsor here at PC Perspective since the beginning and support like this really makes us feel good about the relationship. 

I’m off to do more GPU testing, but drop me a line if you have any questions for comments about the site or articles.  Have a good hump-day!