The ThermoHawk 200 Infrared Thermometer is a $60 dollar tool that you may never get bored of playing with.  Sure, it is handy for figuring out which capacitor or chip is running really hot and needs a heatsink, or where the hot air gathers in your case.  But think, now you will never need to sip a beer to figure out if it is cold, or if the water in the lake is warm enough for a swim, or just how hot your coffee is.  Check it out at Think Computers.
‘Today I have for review something that every reviewer should have in their ‘kit’, but not just us reviewers, a lot of people can benefit from this tool. I saw these being debuted at CES and I just had to stop by and check them out, well we got to talking and they agreed to a review of one. It is the ThermoHawk infrared thermometer from Q3I. One of the things that intrigued me was the use of new patent-pending technology that is the base of the ThermoHawk. Is it any good? Let’s find out…’

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