Can the WolfKing’s Warrior, a very round keyboard-like device, with 52 keys and a few extra buttons, add something to your FPS experience?  ExtremeTech has a review of this odd device, and they even seem to like it.  Maybe you can finally abandon your normal keyboard while gaming.
“That was until we came across the Wolf Claw Type II keyboard from a small company in Singapore last summer. To a normal keyboard, the Wolf Claw added a dedicated WASD-friendly gaming area to the left. Although our review was positive and many community members said “gimme!” many other holdouts weren’t convinced enough to abandon their existing keyboard and to foot the extra shipping costs. Even people in our forums let us and the company know what they wanted.

Now WolfKing has opened shop in the U.S. and is releasing its newest product, the Warrior, a new and improved version of this dedicated gaming area as a standalone and portable unit. The Warrior comes in the same size and form as the original Wolf Claw gaming pad, but adds 12 small function keys and 3 buttons (for a total of 55 controls). Its well-thought-out placement of common keys in FPS games ensures a quick and efficient style of playing. ”

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