AnandTech has grabbed a representative sample of XT and XTX cards in a big graphics shootout.  Now that ATI has regained the performance throne, it’s time to see which card can out do the rest.
“The X1900 took a long time in coming, but now that it’s here, it’s taken its place squarely on the top in graphics card performance. There’s little doubt that it’s the most powerful card available now, and while it may currently fall into the too-expensive-to-own category for some, it is our duty here at AnandTech to continue to test and report on the capabilities of this excellent card.

Today, we’ll be looking at five different X1900’s (XTs and XTXs) to see how well they perform against each other. We have both an XT and an XTX by Sapphire, an XTX from GeCube, and HIS, and finally another XT by PowerColor. These are all quality manufacturers, and we expect to see good performance with each of these cards.”

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