Springtime, when the flowers bloom, the skies clear and the grass wants to be cut … what better time to buy yourself a new system?  Extremetech has updated their Killer Gaming Rig just in time to protect us from skin cancer and tanning.  Drop by to see what they have done to beat their last model.

Even better, Ryan has also updated the PCPerspective Hardware Leaderboard.  Click on the link, and double check your bank balance.

“Hey, we’re not going to back away from that price, but the giant water cooling box has got to go. We’re still overclocking things a bit, but we’re going to dump the full size tower case and water cooling in favor of something a little more portable. You won’t want to lug that Dell 30″ LCD monitor to a LAN party (or maybe you will, just to show off), but our new Killer Gaming Rig outpaces the old one and fits inside a simple mid-tower ATX case.”

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