Asys is not a well known name in case manufacturing, but that may well change.  Pro-clockers has posted their reveiw of the Freedom Tower Full case.  It is a large case, and would work perfectly as a server enclosure, or there is more than enough space for watercooling.
“Every once in a while a company come alone that makes a big splash on the computer community. And I think that this is one of those ‘once in a while’. While walking thought my local electronic stores and browsing for a new pc case, I came across the Asys Freedom Tower. Granted the name Asys was one that I have never heard of, but I was looking for quality and name. Leaving the store I had nothing in hand. Contacted Asys and they granted me any opportunity to review one of there cases. The Freedom. Read the rest of this article to see if quality is what they sent me.”

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