AMD will be announcing a new single core chip clocked at 3GHz in early April.  It will probably take longer for the dual core version to appear.
“AMD will use its 65nm party in Prague to talk about the progress company is making with production ramp of its Fab36, but at the same time, company will introduce their fastest clocked production CPU. Yes, AMD is finally introducing a 3 GHz part, breaking a “record” set by Athlon 64 FX-57, a 2.8 GHz clocked part released back in 2005. The most interesting part about this launch is the fact that we’re not talking about a dual-core part, but rather a single core part (first single-core part introduced after FX-57 as well). Spankin’ new Opteron 256 and 856 are built inside 95W thermal envelope and feature 128KB of L1 and 1024KB of L2 cache, using the same old Socket 940. The launch date is set for April 4th or April 6th, the date of AMD’s gig.”

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